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The 9th workshop will be held in Edinburgh, capital of Scotland at the height of summer. It will be held in the University Conference and Training Centre, 15 South College Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9AA. You and your colleagues are cordially invited to attend this workshop. If you would like to give a presentation in the field of compiling for parallel computers, you are also invited to submit a research paper to the local organizers.

Proceedings and Journal Special Issue:

In accordance with the previous events, papers need not be unpublished but should reflect the contents of the presentation. Local proceedings will be printed and distributed to the participants. In addition, authors are invited to submit original papers for consideration in a special issue of Concurrency: Practice and Experience .

Important dates:

December 1, 2000
: Submission of presentation titles and abstracts;
March 29, 2001
: Registration and accommodation information;
May 1, 2001
: Author registration deadline;
: Submission of workshop papers;
June 27-29, 2001
: Workshop.

Submission of presentation:

Please submit the final postscript version of your paper (max 10 pages) and all enquiries to CPC2001.
The postscript must be ghostview readable and printable on a European A4 printer. Please try to restrict your paper length to 10 pages - but we will allow papers upto a maximum of 12 pages in length. The main body of the paper should be in a font size no smaller than 10pt.


All presentations should be 20 minutes in length with 5 minutes for questions

For those attendees presenting at the conference, we ask that either printed slides or Powerpoint is used for the presentation. If you think you have a special requirement, would you email cpc01@dcs.ed.ac.uk as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate.

Printed Slides:

This note refers to those slides normally printed on acetate for OHP use. The conference centre uses a camera based projector rather than an OHP. Because of this, we ask presenters to print their slides on WHITE PAPER rather than acetate, the reason being that acetate slides "shine" when projected.

The projector displays in landscape format, so please use this layout when developing your slides.

As always, please use a large font size when writing your slides.

Powerpoint presentation:

If you wish to give your presentation using Powerpoint, we ask that you bring along a copy of your presentation on disk and also a printed paper copy. We will have a dedicated workstation running Powerpoint configured for the particular Barco projector and it is our intention to use the same machine, wherever possible, for all the computer-based presentations. Presenters, may also bring along their own computers if they wish, but they must also bring a disk copy, if it is not feasible to setup their machine in the time available.
Occasionally, problems occur with Powerpoint presentations, and for this reason, we ask that you bring along a paper copy as well!

Workshop location:

The workshop will be held at the University Conference Centre, Edinburgh in the heart of the historic Old Town. June is possibly the best time to visit Scotland, long summer nights before the midges and tourists invade. For those who enjoyed Aussois, there is even Europe's largest artificial ski slope nearby.

Social Program:

There will be a reception on Wednesday 27th June in the City Council Chambers and a banquet on Thursaday 28th September in the Sinclair Library, Parliament Square. Both are historic venues on the Royal Mile in the very heart of the Old Town. The social program is included in the registration fee and additional tickets are available on request.

Lunch each day of the conference is also included in the registration fee.

Local Organizers:

Michael O'Boyle [homepage],
Grigori Fursin [homepage],
Tom Ashby,
Björn Franke,
Shun Long.

Mail Address:

Institute of Computing Systems Architecture
Division of Informatics
University of Edinburgh
King's Buildings
Mayfield Road
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